Mar Vista Tract


There were a total of 23 different color design combinations created for the houses.  This was done from 24 colors and an additional seven floor colors.  Click on any colored house for specific details of the interior and exterior color design of the property -  or select from the street address list below.  

While the houses that are shown in white had one of the 23 color designs, we have yet to identify which specific design.  Still all 23 different color design combinations are shown. 

The Mar Vista Tract was designed like a work of art - from the microcosm of interior color detail, through the layout and choice of exterior colors, to the overall community planning and landscaping. 

The Plochere Color System (1948) provided a muted palette, with a few daring accent colors.

The interior of each house had a color scheme matching its exterior color.  All rooms used this color scheme, and each wall  was a different shade of the theme color.  

There also would be a contrasting color on the entrance wall opposite the kitchen.  This color  stretched around the corner into the master bedroom, tying together the rooms.

A dramatic effect was created by giving the "floating cabinet" a daring accent color.  This color was also used on the doors to the toilet and the bathroom!  The ventable sash and the glass door also received this splash of color.

There were a total of 23 different color design combinations created for the houses.  This was done from 24 colors plus an additional seven floor colors.  Although the colors are often dark and opaque (typical of 1940's color schemes), the  color design must have been radical for this time.  The mixing of dark and light shades of the same color in one room, together with a contrasting color and a bright accent color may have scared away a few presumptive buyers with more traditional tastes.  

However, early subscribers could choose a color scheme of their choice.  Other factors also may have played a role in the execution of the planned design schemes.  Particularly, the final floor color selections seem to have been more moderate than proposed by Ain.

Hans Adamson

Address Lot Exterior Color Plochere Color Code 
3500 Beethoven St. #1 Dark Red           
3506 Beethoven St. #2 Dark Brown
3512 Beethoven St. #3 Light Blue
3520 Beethoven St. #4 Light Green
3526 Beethoven St. #5                            
3532 Beethoven St. #6 Dark Blue
3538 Beethoven St. #7
3544 Beethoven St. #8 Light Blue
3552 Beethoven St. #9 Light Red
3558 Beethoven St. #10 Dark Red
3564 Beethoven St. #11
3500 Moore St. #23
3501 Moore St. #22 Dark Green
3507 Moore St. #21
3508 Moore St. #24
3514 Moore St. #25
3515 Moore St. #20 Dark Red
3521 Moore St. #19
3522 Moore St. #26
3527 Moore St. #18 Light Green
3530 Moore St. #27 Light Red
3533 Moore St. #17 Light Blue
3536 Moore St. #28 Dark Red
3539 Moore St. #16 Dark Blue
3542 Moore St. #29
3545 Moore St. #15
3550 Moore St. #30
3553 Moore St. #14 Dark Brown
3556 Moore St. #31
3559 Moore St. #13
3562 Moore St. #32
3565 Moore St. #12
3500 Meier St. #43
3501 Meier St. #42
3508 Meier St. #44
3509 Meier St. #41 Light Green
3514 Meier St. #45 Light Blue
3515 Meier St. #40
3522 Meier St. #46
3523 Meier St. #39
3530 Meier St. #47 Dark Green
3531 Meier St. #38
3536 Meier St. #48 Light Green
3537 Meier St. #37
3542 Meier St. #49
3543 Meier St. #36
3550 Meier St. #50
3551 Meier St. #35 Dark Green
3556 Meier St. #51 Light Brown
3557 Meier St. #34 Light Green
3562 Meier St. #52
3563 Meier St. #33